International experience - UK, mainland Europe and the  middle east


We provide a broad spectrum of development and training options to equip your staff with the tools to succeed.

WE provide consultancy support to organizations delivering public services

quality improvement

We view compliance as an opportunity to help make your business more efficient, accountable, and  profitable.

My work has taken me across two continents, devising and implementing business expansions strategies; successfully implementing start up strategies in new countries; winning new business and expanding existing contracts; leading teams of up to 300 people; and working in different cultures to effect performance improvement and deliver public services in the right way, to the benefit of service users. I have special expertise in performance improvement, training, recruiting, staffing and organization design.


We  help you understand trends and ideas that are in your data to see  value in the information you have.


We provide a wide range of HR consulting services designed to support your organization's success.